Teachers in kindergartens Leptirić Lu, Košnica and Gajnice were our dear participants of the “Lemon education programme”, as we like to call it. After the children left their homes, in the crowded room in the kindergarten we enjoyed creating problem-solving stories for various challenging situations in which these valuable educators sometimes find themselves. What it was like, they will say it personally:

The workshop was educational and interesting. In a very relaxed, playful and concrete way the presenter raised again the awareness of the importance of “problem-solving picture books” that often address everyday life and problems in a very subtle way. I felt very comfortable during the team work, and I used the designed “problem-solving story” when working with children. The interest of the children to listen was present until the end of the story. The story has caused laughter in children and encouraged children to talk about the problem.

Dubravka Mihovilić, kindergarten teacher

The workshop was special and it was great that there were people of all ages and experience. I especially liked the team work in groups where we could show imagination and creativity. Everyone has learned something about the essential problem-solving in the group if problems occur. The best examples of a story were solving aggression through the story. This workshop also brought me back to my childhood.

Višnja Krsteški, kindergarten teacher


The workshop was useful in terms of raising awareness of the role of problem-solving stories in working with preschool children. The presenters made it easier to understand how the story can contribute to successful socio-emotional development of the child.

Sanja Jozić, kindergarten teacher

The workshop was very relaxed and fun, the presenters were open and accessible. The workshop has been a lot of talk about our childhood and describing picture books. We learned a lot about some of the situations we encounter and in which we can reach children adequately through the story. We even used some things in our group regarding the topic of mockery.

Petra Krsteški, kindergarten teacher

I really liked the workshop. It was extremely educational. We had the opportunity to learn how to help children cope with difficult situations by using the problem-solving story, but in a fun and child friendly way. Through this workshop we learned a lot about ourselves.

Matija Krizmanić, kindergarten teacher