Katarina talks about stability, Ana about dreams, Antonia about the future. These three psychologists make up the leading team of the Centre Talk to me.

Each has its own specialty, but they all together rotate the wheels that help create new stories.

One of them begins the story, the second listens to it, the third devises the plot, and together they reach the end. There are also external associates who sometimes assist in the outcome
of the story, and thus all the stories so far have had a happy ending.

What is our story? We work a lot, so any similarity with the “Sleeping Beauty” would entirely be coincidental. We are more similar to a diligent ant than to a grasshopper from the fable The Ant and the Grasshopper. When you need to be nimble and agile, we are like Puss in Boots, and when we need to do a good deed, we borrow the good fairy Amalka. When it’s time for boldness, we become the mouse that fooled the lion. If we were, however, from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, we would be Doc, Bashful and Happy. If we encountered problems on the way, we would solve them successfully, such as the Three Little Pigs, “Wolf, wolf, go away from our house!”

However, the truth is that we can’t mold into any existing story. The reason is simple – every day we steadily and devotedly write a completely new story. Each chapter is something new, and we’re happy when each new character becomes part of our story. Many pages have already been written, and in many of them you will be able to find traces of our work. On some of them these are the traces of glue from puppets that we made in late hours for children in the department of Oncology and Hematology, in order to present the new puppet in the performance. On some pages there are names of people we listened to – these are the training programmes that we attended to gain more knowledge for the children we work with and their parents. There are also traces of drawing with crayons; they remind us that we are here to help the children when it is necessary. And on some pages you will find traces of tears of joy – joy that the effort was rewarded.


Antonia Ćosić
mag. psych.

Secretary of the Centre


“I believe in what we’re doing because I saw tears on children’s face dry. I heard the laughter in the hospital room and heard songs echoing in the corridors. Because I saw the new worlds emerging and people who travel to a world of fantasy. Because I felt how by doing good deeds one can do anything.”



Katarina Lončarić
mag. psych.

President of the Centre

FAVOURITE STORY: Oh, how beautiful Panama is

“Once a special boy with bright eyes and a wide smile said after staging a story: “Now go and entertain other children.” That was enough for me to understand the seriousness of the call, and to believe in it.”



Ana Mužak
mag. psych.

Deputy President of the Centre


“I believe that stories are magical, and that they elicit warm feelings in children, amazement, joy, and take them into a world of fantasy. I believe in that because I see parents and children sharing happy moments … I believe because I see the children laughing. I believe…”