Educational boxes are bringing back stories into children’s lives and play

Educational boxes are bringing back stories into children’s lives and play

Already on the first day of the crowdfunding campaign the “Ku-kuc! The Story is Inside” project has raised two thirds of the resources needed to start the production of “Ku-kuc” boxes. This creative didactic tool for children and adults puts children’s stories in the centre of their activities. The idea of social entrepreneurship that came from the Croatian Centre for Psychological Support and Development “Talk To Me” has finally come to life and first boxes “Ku-kuc” found its way to children’s hospitals and homes.

The objective of the crowdfunding campaign via the Indiegogo platform at, was to raise 9000 dollars in order to deliver didactic aid kit that is first of its kind in Croatia and beyond to hospitalized children and family homes.

Chance for a carefree game

Among the 100 payments on the first day of the crowdfunding campaign, there were many who wanted to support a positive story aimed at launching boxes that enhance the everyday life of children in hospitals, as well as those who donated $ 42 for the box “Ku-kuc. The story is inside”. In addition to purchasing or donating a box, you can get $ 5 for a thank you badge, $ 15 for a backpack that will be delivered at your door and $ 20 for a packet with a problem-solving story for kids alongside with four puppets.

“After many years of work experience, we have noticed that children and adults in hospitals, but also outside of them, because of today’s busy lifestyle are growing further apart. Children are alienated from their peers and families, often lacking a chance for a carefree game. And children who do not play are sad children. We believe that this is a problem for our society”, said Katarina Lončarić, president of the Center “Talk To Me”. Katarina and two young psychologists, Antonia Ćosić and Ana Mužak have invested a lot of energy and knowledge in the last year and a half to create and develop “Ku-Kuc! The story is inside” box.

Returns the authenticity of the children’s play

“Ku-kuc” box uses problem-solving stories and is made out of ecological and natural. It provides a numerous inspirational proposals for a high-quality implementation of common time for children and adults and improves communication and creativity. Alongside centrepiece of the product which is a problem-solving story for children there are other related activities: a role playing with puppets, making your own family tree, making a pattern print, and preparing food for birds.

This box offers something completely different from today’s usual content to which children are exposed: it returns the authenticity of the children’s play, offers an alternative to spending excessive amount of time in front of the TV and computer, gives the opportunity to create special ways of playing for each and every family, and furthermore it educates on everyday challenges of parenting in an interesting and personalized way.

A humanitarian impact

The idea was recognized by experts, so the Centre “Talk To Me” received awards at the UniCredit Foundation, Zagreb Bank and Impact Hub Zagreb contest and was declared as one of the three best socio-entrepreneurial ideas in Croatia in 2016, and also was named to be good example in the annual overview of innovations by the Project of the Adriatic region PACINNO.

Crowdfunding Campaign “Ku-kuc! The Story is Inside” lasts until May 14 and has a humanitarian impact because 10 % of the amount of each payment will be invested in the development and expansion of a volunteer-based storytelling project at the children’s hospital departments.

At the moment 19 volunteers are making plays based on stories at three children’s hospital departments in Zagreb, but this way Center “Talk To Me” could expand beyond Zagreb throughout Croatia.

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