Campaign success: Educational box “Ku-kuc” is going to production

Campaign success: Educational box “Ku-kuc” is going to production

Educational box »Ku-kuc! The story is inside«, full of ideas, materials and game suggestions, is going to production. The first boxes of this creative solution of our psychologists from the Center »Talk to me« will arrive to addresses of clients all over the world in October.

Numerous parents and hospital departments in Croatia are eagerly awaiting the end of crowdfunding campaign which has reach its first goal, launching the »Ku-kuc« box in production, on Tuesday, May 9th. Starting the production of the »Ku-kuc« box has provide a job to workers of Kamensko Association who sew seven puppets and also a job to the Zagreb woodworker who makes wooden items in the box. Among all the payments that were made so far, there are many who have decided to donate the box to hospital departments and Children’s homes so part of the »Ku-kuc« boxes will go in humanitarian purposes.

Open path of imagination

A new goal of campaign »Ku-kuc! The story inside«  – which runs on the Indiegogo platform until May 14th – is to raise an additional $ 4,000 dollars for the equipment of Centers offices where young psychologists can held workshops for children and parents who see it as a place of learning and awareness about the importance of play. In this way, they want to provide a direct support to parents and create a stimulating environment for the development of children.

»We believe that the play should take the first place in children’s lives. Even more when this play is inspired by a good story which opens the path to imagination and creativity. After we have overwhelmed the hospitals with our stories and performances, there is nothing left to do but to spread the good things outside of the hospitals as well«. – said Katarina Lončarić, the president of the Center »Talk to me«. She also added that in the center of the »Ku-kuc« box is a »Story booklet for children and adults« with problem-solving stories for children on which they have based other activities as role playing with puppets, making a family tree in the shape of wooden frame, creating your own motif stamps and making birds feeders.

Support the campaign

The crowdfunding campaign is still running on Beside purchasing or making a donation for the »Ku-kuc« box for the price of $45 you can also purchase a thank you badge at a price of $5 or a linen backpack for the price of $15. But if you decide to make a contribution of $20 you will get a packet of four puppets and a problem-solving story.

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