Do you remember the time when you were a kid and you would hear somebody telling you peek-a-boo (in Croatian ku-kuc)? Then somebody would reveal his or her face that was covered with hands or would open the door. Whatever happened at that moment, you would discover something new. The same happens with our “Ku-kuc” box. It’s something completely new, the first product of its kind in Croatia.

“Ku-kuc! The story is inside” is a product designed for children and adults that puts children’s story in the spotlight, and based on the story creates a series of suggestions and ideas for interactive play. The story was written as a problem story and, as such, deals with some of the challenges that parents face every day in raising theor children. It unites all the contents of the box and encourages doing activities together and playing together.

Besides the children’s story, “Ku-kuc” contains puppets of the characters from the story, as well as various materials needed for making one’s own things, which adults and children can create together and use over a long period when playing. There is also a part for adults which, in a very interesting and personal way, enters the world of adults and gives excellent suggestions for the organization of free time, play ideas and support in dealing with difficult and challenging situations. Such a concept helps parents and encourages the whole family to be creative and imaginative, and at the same time educates children and contributes to the development of socio-emotional and psychomotor skills.

At the moment we are working at full speed to publish the first edition of “Ku-kuc” soon. We imagined it in form of a box that hides a big surprise. The theme of the box will be the forest, and seven playful members of the forest group will pop out. They will face challenging situations, and children and adults will be happy to welcome them into their society. The first forest “Ku-kuc” box will be for children between 3 and 7 years of age, and in it you will find:

  • a forest story for children
  • a set of seven puppets that make up the “forest group”
  • a corner for adults which brings three themes: communication, conflict and the use of puppets in working with children, as well as suggestions of problem situations to play with children
  • a wooden frame, background, string and pegs for making one’s own family tree
  • a stamp and special material for making stamps with one’s own forms.

The box was designed and developed by three psychologists of the CentreTalk to me. In making of the box they collaborated with experts in psychology, library science, graphic and textile design and economics. All materials used in the making of the first “Ku-kuc” editions are of high quality, convenient and easy-to- use, and enjoyable and appropriate for children. The texts that will be found in the “Ku-kuc” box were written with professional psychological point of view, the activities offered are designed to encourage quality leisure time activities for children and adults.

In addition to all this, it is important to note that all members involved in the “Ku-kuc” adventure can expect a handful of games, entertainment, warmth, moments spent together, being close and imagination. By using “Ku-kuc” many new stories of children and adults will be created, and one will be happy to go back to these stories. Therefore, when this new product arrives to you, say “Ku-kuc!” and carefully open it. Because the story is inside. Your story.