Good news travels fast. Thus, within the project “Let me tell you a story” we have made many guest appearances and presentations. Events at which we presented our work on the project “Let me tell you a story” are the following:

  • 20th annual conference of Croatian psychologists in Dubrovnik, November 2012
  • 6th week of psychology, February 2013
  • 7th week of osychology, February 2014
  • PerspektivA – 2nd conference of young psychologists, April 2014
  • 8th week of psychology, February 2015
  • Psihofest, April 2015
  • Talk at the University of Applied Health Sciences in Zagreb, May 2015
  • Talk within professional lectures of the Clinical psychology section, May 2015
  • Akcija kulture! in cooperation with the campaign Read to me, May 2015
  • 9th week of psychology, February 2016
  • Zagreb Crowdfunding Convention, October 2016
  • PerspektivA – 4th conference of young psychologists, October 2016

nagrada_franjo_markovic-300x202In addition to numerous presentations, we are particularly proud of the Annual award Franjo Marković received from the the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, which was given to our volunteers, at that time psychology students. Mirna Čagalj, Lucija Čoga, Antonia Ćosić and Ivana Glavaš were awarded for notable achievements in the project “Let me tell you a story,” and for their volunteer work. The award was received at the ceremonial 140th annual session of the Faculty Council at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in October 2014.