RED NOSES clowndoctors

crveni-nosovi We tell stories, they fool around, we bring distant worlds, they bring laughter, we are “Talk to me,” and they are “Red noses”. We meet in the corridors of paediatric departments, exchange ideas and share knowledge with each other. We grinn at each other, and we were able to agree to help each other. Every Thursday our volunteers help “Red noses” with their Skype project at the Department of Oncology and Hematology, and they, on the other hand, provide us with interesting education programmes.
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Association Love in Action

This powerful and noble association is our dear friend. Its members have participated since the beginning in our story, encouraged us and supported us. Their strength always inspires us and we enjoy watching them develop and help children. We are planning beautiful and great things, and we hope we will be able to help children as much as possible, both in our own stories, as well as in our common story.
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Centre for creative development In the clouds

u-oblacima We try not to keep plans of our cooperation in the clouds. These creative people work on silent books that have a very “loud” effect on children. This association could soon organize a workshop on silent books for our volunteers, and maybe we get together and engage in some volunteer activities. The place of the plot will still be firmly on the ground, but our common stories will definitely take us to the clouds.
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Association Blue Telephone

Ring, ring, ring goes the blue telephone. “Good afternoon, can I help you?” they answer the call. “Here is Centre Talk to me, we need a place,” we answered on the other side of the line. “For what purposes, we would like to know?” they asked, and we eagerly answered: “For the training of new volunteers, focus groups with parents, meeting with external associates and more.” We said everything in one breath because there’s a lot of work, but no place. Who opens the door to us when we need them? The Blue telephone that tells us: “Yes, of course, see you!”
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Impact Hub Zagreb

Impact Hub is here to enable us to achieve a positive impact on society. And to make it possible, they had to, first of all, extend their great influence to us! There we learned how to develop our financial plan, to launch a project, we learned about strategy of management, marketing and other strategies that are needed so that after the performance at the department we can sit at the desk and talk seriously. Also, they helped us believe in ourselves, stand for our ideas and … think inside the box, as well as outside the box.
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