In the forest, near a large meadow, in the hollow of the old oak tree lives a small squirrel…

This squirrel sometimes heard stories about the big city, where there are many houses and many buildings. But it wasn’t interested in these great fortresses. It only wanted to play with children. It went to the big city. It knew that it arrived when it saw grayness everywhere. Large gray blocks with sharp edges rose off the gray asphalt. It was a bustling city where everyone was rushing somewhere.

The squirrel didn’t let that discourage it, and it rushed to the first house it saw and peered through the window. It pressed its little paws to the window glass and opened it brown eyes
wide to find out who’s in there. It was surprised by the sight that it saw. A little boy sat in front of a large gray screen on which figures moved, while the parents sat on the couch in front of a large black screen. The squirrel stayed long enough to hear that these strange devices are called a computer and a television, and the little black thing they all kept taking into their hands also has a name – mobile phone.

As the squirell failed to ask the boy to play with it, it jumped towards the next, neighboring house. In it sat a little girl, a little bit older than the boy, but the squirrel was still able to imagine so many fun games that they could play together. It scratched with its tiny paw on the glass, but the girl didn’t hear it. The squirrel then saw a small acorn beside the window and, despite the fact that it was sorry to throw acorns that could be saved for later, it threw the acorn at the window so that the girl could hear the sound. It cheerfully returned to the window, but the girl did not move. The squirrel has concluded that this is due to the wires that extend from the mobile phone to the ears of the girl.

It headed to the park – because there it will certainly find children eager to play, but it was wrong… There gray and black screens also occupied everyone’s hands and everyone’s attention. Determined not to lose any more time, it set off into the forest.

“Hey guys! Guuuuys! Come quickly, everybody! We have a problem.” It described to them what was going on in the big city and how children play. “But that is not enough. Don’t they want to feel something else in their hands, talk to someone else? Play a game that is not on the screen?” a deer was concerned. “Maybe they haven’t thought of it. Therefore, we will try to help!”

With instructions of the skilled squirrel, all the animals ran off in the forest in order to find as many things to play with. While seeking various items across the green forest, the squirrel ran into a box. It decided to put everything valuable the animals found into the box, and then sent the full box to the city so that someone could play at least a little.

The animals quickly found everything they were looking for and showed how ingenious there were. Finally, they themselves stepped into the box. They called the box “Ku-kuc! The story is inside.” After days and days of travelling, the “Ku-kuc” box arrived on the doorstep of a house. And what happened next, find out for yourself. Your “Ku-kuc” box with the right story inside is waiting for you too…