rsz_benko Clinical child psychologist and play therapist, who works in the Clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry of the Children's Hospital Zagreb, is partly responsible for the existence of the Centre because of her readiness in, the already mentioned year, 2012 when she opened the door to the project “Let me tell you a story”. In addition to being a longtime supervisor of the project, Martha is a dear associate and experienced colleague, willing to give advice or push a new idea. She loves stories, and has herself written some. When you come to her to the infirmary, she will serve you good tea, and at her desk you will see silly puppets and figurines smiling at you – all of these are gifts from little children with whom she works every day tirelessly.


This promising young economist has so far provided support to various associations in Croatia and participated in their development. At the beginning of our story, we were enthusiastic psychologists who did not have any experience in managing an association. Then came Alan and said, “Let’s do a SWOT analysis, write the history, mission, vision, goals, and in a month I expect you to have a bundle of paper filled with diagrams, tables and calculations.” In several meetings he explained and revealed secrets of work in this sector. Today, in addition to working in a consulting firm, every now and then he gives expert advice to the Centre. He encouraged us to apply for many competitions, and thus rolled a big wheel in our work and progress. Where did he get the motivation? He once said that he promised to himself that after he is thirty years old he would only work on projects that he believes in… rsz_halilovic


rsz_sobol This woman believed in the project “Ku-kuc! The story is inside” from the beginning. She spent hours and hours providing counseling and guidance to us. At no time did she allow the initial idea to move away from the nobility, the value and meaningfulness which it radiates, and frequently she would make us return to the beginnings of the Centre, and thus encouraged us to give the best of ourselves in the creation of the project. She is a person who always reminds us of the essence, she inspires, nurtures and is an excellent listener. Besides being happy to mentor activities in Impact Hub, as a psychologist she runs a company Točka promjene, together with one other Jasminka who has a different surname – Jelčić. In the meetings with us these two experts really come to the point of change in which they become two enthusiasts ready for flying.


The first encounter with Tina was when she decided to mentor the project “Ku-kuc! The story is inside.” We met with a woman who came with a huge smile, big black curls and eyes wide open, ready to soak up everything we had to say. She talked to us about what she expects as a mother, what she expects as a creative person, and what kind of storytelling she would like to hear from us. Only later did we find out that she was a top-quality lecturer at Zagreb School of Economics and Management, and that she works in the YEPP International Resource Centre. Who would have connected these dreamy eyes with these titles? We have slowly started to understand the breadth of her thinking, and she has extended our understanding. She likes to put us in unexpected situations, and then her favourite thing to do is to start recording by saying: “Go!” rsz_zec


rsz_eli As the association has developed, there were more and more obligations. To handle and plan them, one of our psychologist started using the Acro diary, and then the whole association turned to Eli, the inventor of this diary. She is a young graphic designer whose company Brandlook deals with designing that helps companies, enterprises and projects to showcase who they are and what they really are. So Eli knows who we are and how much we cherish the spirit of playfulness, creativity and children’s joy. We gladly sit with her and have some coffee in Dežmanov prolaz, and negotiate how our logo will look like, the letters, the fonts, and the rest. She is part of our team – because she succeeds in making letters play.


Jasmina never comes alone – Jasmina always comes with a puppet. Jasmina is a textile designer, and the puppet is a little creature made of plush, sewing thread, imagination and dreams. In her store in Petrinjska ulica she designs puppets that will live in our “Ku-kuc” box. She always greets us with a smile and shows us how puppets hang out with each other behind the shop window. While we’re talking about fabrics and cuts for sewing, puppets from our boxes socialize with other puppets from Jasmina’s magic store. In this kind of Never Land in the middle of Zagreb there are floating balloons, ballerinas dancing, frogs croaking on water lilies, and the fox is planning a mischief. During that time our forest group enters the “Ku-kuc” box. jasmina


rsz_2s_perrow_2016_a This special woman weaves with her hands the most beautiful therapeutic stories. Travelling the world, she spreads her knowledge and experience of storytelling and their healing properties. Her work has greatly influenced our first project “Let me tell you a story,” and we were lucky to meet her when she visited Zagreb on her tour. We were immediately captivated by her soft eyes and words. This Australian gave us, then, all the necessary support for our work and encouraged us. Every child deserves its own story, she showed us; Susan, however, deserves that we say that she is the wise owl in our story.


In the project “Let me tell you a story,” we use two suitcases. When we come with them to the hospital, the children first look at each other in wonder: “What is this?” The old rustic suitcase is not something you see every day. Then we open them, and in them they discover new worlds. Wonder, imagination, story, everything starts from that point. These suitcases were created with the help of a puppetry pedagogue, Iva Lipovac. She helped us shake off the dust from them and create puppets that will reside in them. She provided us with training on all puppets, screens, stages and props. We learned a lot about how a new world comes into existence, even when there are no boards and stage lights. iva


tinamiho Hello! Well, hello there! We have written so many texts in Croatian, and now we need many texts in English. In order to translate everything properly, we need to follow all the rules of English grammar. No problem, because our dear teacher with kind eyes from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tina Miholjančan, is here to help us. She contributes to our Centre in a special way, and we are lucky to have her. Help, I need somebody, help, not just anybody, help, you know we need Tina, help!