Day by day we see how adults, and children with them, get “stuck” in the bustle of life. Everyday life often leaves no time for closeness, warm communication and commitment to one another. More and more we recognize these facts:

  • According to a study by UNICEF and the Agency for Electronic Media in 2015, children under 6 years spend an average of three hours a day watching television, which increases the likelihood that they will be exposed to low-quality and harmful content;
  • There is an increasing alienation of children and parents because they spend little quality time in joint activities;
  • Parents often lack time and ideas for the design of high-quality activities;
  • Most of the toys are finished commercialized products that become boring quickly to children;
  • In the selection of content for the child’s free time, there is often a reliance on trends and being uncritical.

This is why we believe in “Ku-kuc”. We are sure that it brings something new and special that will give children and adults the space and the idea of playing, joy and closeness. We want every family to get to know “Ku-kuc” because it:

  • provides materials and ideas for spending quality time together between children and adults;
  • provides help in the organization of the time together;
  • contributes to building an emotional connection between children and parents;
  • contributes to building communication between children and parents;
  • provides an alternative to passive methods of spending free time, e.g. watching tv, computers or mobile phones;
  • helps in creating a stimulating and motivating environment;
  • encourages the development of fine motor skills, coordination and perception in children;
  • fosters creativity and imagination;
  • contributes to building self-esteem in children;
  • provides many reasons for laughter, joy and fun.